Lambda Chapter at Northwestern University

Kappa Delta

Letter to Parents

A Message from our President, Sydney Alman

Dear Parents:

As president of Lambda chapter of Kappa Delta, it is my privilege to tell you about our sorority.

Kappa Delta Lambda chapter here at Northwestern was installed in 1907 and is one of 12 Panhellenic sororities on campus.

For the past two years, we've been honored to win Northwestern Panhellenic Association Chapter of the Year.

During my time in Kappa Delta at Northwestern, I have been a part of some truly remarkable initiatives. One of these initiatives is our annual week-long event designed to motivate and empower members of the community to reach their full potential called Confidence Week.

The real friendships in Kappa Delta make the experience so special. I've met people I wouldn't meet in any other place. Our members' interests academically and socially vary from person to person. I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of such a diverse group of people. They’re confident, driven, and involved. They inspire me each and every day.

The Kappa Delta values, Lambda chapter spirit and strong sisterhood have made KD a home for me. So, as you browse our website, I hope you are able to learn more about Kappa Delta as a national organization and what it means to be a part of Lambda chapter at Northwestern University.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Sydney Alman                                                                                    

Chapter President

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